The 8 Rules of Money

As expounded by proactive thinker in this video. 1. Money does grow in trees (Investments) 2. There is no limit to how much you can spend 3. Money is a lifelong game 4. Money won't solve your insecurities 5. Don't let anyone know that you have money 6. Greatest wealth transfers happen during crises 7.… Continue reading The 8 Rules of Money


Before You Spend Your Money…

A picture that struck me today.. While we shop at the big players to get more bang for our buck, sometimes, it's worth thinking about those small chic shops that we often overlook. Perhaps it may not be an everyday occurrence, but once in a while, you might find a treasure or 2 in those… Continue reading Before You Spend Your Money…

A Universal Sales Pitch?

Can there ever be such a thing as a universal sales pitch? Even if everyone needs the product you are selling universally, you may still need to pitch it to them differently. We are talking about cases where the need is not that strong. Eg, you don't need a sales pitch to sell water to… Continue reading A Universal Sales Pitch?

How the Stock Market Works

Short TED-Ed video illustrating how the stock market works. It all started when the Dutch East India Company looked for investors to sponsor its round the world voyages for a share of the ship's profits. The stock market today is essentially an elaborate version of that. A place where businesses meet investors to meet each… Continue reading How the Stock Market Works