Can You Get Rich If You Sleep More?

Well, apparently you can. Take a look at this chart! So looking at the dots on the upper right, Luxembourg looks like a nice place to move to if you want to sleep more and get rich. Sounds cool huh?


3 Ways to Save More Money

Wendy De La Rosa shares 3 psychological tricks that can help us save more money in this TED talk. 1. Harness the power of pre-commitment. We normally think about ourselves in 2 ways: our current self and our future self. Since your future self is perfect, use that to your advantage. So for instance, say… Continue reading 3 Ways to Save More Money

The Real Life Basic Income Experiment

I'm very impressed with Finland. Not just for the country for what it is, but the government for daring to try out concepts which may potentially help its citizens. This latest one talks about how they did a social experiment to give 2000 unemployed people a basic income of $650 per month, without strings attached,… Continue reading The Real Life Basic Income Experiment

Is the Stock Market Crashing Soon?

I think so. But what I think is insignificant. Let's hear what Harry Dent, a well known financial newsletter writer, has to say. Backed up by a demographic study, he believes that we are due for another crash the size of the great depression more than 80 years ago. The reason is simple. Baby boomers… Continue reading Is the Stock Market Crashing Soon?