What’s Wrong with Saying “Just be positive!”

Turns out that there's something called toxic positivity. When someone is in need of encouragement, while it is easy to say stuff like "think positive!", you and I know that when you're on the receiving end of that, you'll be muttering to yourself "yeah, easy for you to say!" Image taken from sitwithwhit's instagram. Try… Continue reading What’s Wrong with Saying “Just be positive!”


If You’re Smart, You Will…

Revise what you think constantly. Have you ever had bosses who tell you to do AAA the previous day, then change his mind and tell you to do it BBB today, and will tell you to do it CCC way tomorrow, only to go back to AAA later on? Don't blame them, perhaps they are… Continue reading If You’re Smart, You Will…

When We Look, What Do We Really See?

A deep sharing by Amy Herman in her TED talk titled "A lesson on looking" So sometimes, things just warrant a closer look, and that closer look may just change our entire perspective. A convenient outlet for such thinking is art. By looking at art pieces and sculptures, sometimes what they portray can be totally… Continue reading When We Look, What Do We Really See?

Complacency, the Silent Killer

Let's talk about driving a car. Normally, provided you passed your driving test, driving a car is a relatively safe activity. That's until you have driven for quite a while, and that's when things start to happen. So think back to the first few times you drove. Both hands on the steering wheel, eyes focused… Continue reading Complacency, the Silent Killer