Cockroach Versus Cigarettes – Who Wins?

We know cockroaches are extremely hardy creatures which have survived on earth for millions of years. Can they withstand the cigarette, a human invention? Someone pitted the cockroach against a pack of cigarettes. Just look at the result. For the first 5 cigarettes, the cockroach was very mobile, but after that, the cigarette smoke clearly… Continue reading Cockroach Versus Cigarettes – Who Wins?


How to Eat a Bee?

Say you are a bird that eats bees to survive. Do you think you can get away with eating bee after bee with their stings and poison and all?The carmine bee-eater says no. And it actually removes the sting before eating the bee. How?It smashes the bee with the sting end on the ground several… Continue reading How to Eat a Bee?

Tips to Get at That Pesky Mosquito

Sharing the tip from lifehacker, as extracted from here. Essentially, find a really dark room with a white background. Put a light source or something that attracts the mosquito. Then shine a flashlight on it, and whack away! The flashlight hunting method If you’re interested in trying this strategy, do the following: Grab a flashlight… Continue reading Tips to Get at That Pesky Mosquito

The End is Nigh!

Let's welcome the superbug, the cockroach! (Image credit: Yodchompoo/shutterstock) According to a report by insider, they are evolving so rapidly that insecticides fail to keep their population down. Some develop the resistance within a single generation, while others develop cross-resistance to other insecticides that are slightly different. At least there's the good old stomp of… Continue reading The End is Nigh!