Amazing Cat Mother

I know there are many who watch cat videos day in day out. I don't usually watch them, but sometimes your heart melts when you see something like in this video. The kittens were not equipped to deal with this jump at all! I'll leave you to watch the rest of the video. I like… Continue reading Amazing Cat Mother


How Do Bees Make Honey?

Step 1: Forager bees drink nectar from thousands of flowers each to fill their honey stomach. Bees have 2 stomachs by the way.Step 2: Enzymes in the honey stomach begin to digest the nectar and turn it into a nectar mush.Step 3: Upon reaching the hive, the forager bee vomits the nectar mush into the… Continue reading How Do Bees Make Honey?

Do Fish Pee?

Short answer is yes, but the amount of pee depends largely on whether they are saltwater or freshwater fish. As fish breathe through their gills, they are subject to osmosis all the time. For saltwater fish, they are always fighting to keep water within their bodies. So they have special cells to get rid of… Continue reading Do Fish Pee?

Practice Makes Perfect

In a show of how practice is needed for survival, the wonderful arctic fox shows how by continuously practising ts unique way of lemming hunting, it finally snags one, and the experience will serve it well going into adulthood. As this fox found out, sometimes it can be quite a painful experience, especially when the… Continue reading Practice Makes Perfect

Why Do Mosquitoes Buzz?

Silly question. Naturally they buzz because they flap their wings so fast so as to fly...or maybe something else. According to Greg Gage in the TED talk titled "The real reason why mosquitoes buzz", normally, the male mosquitoes buzz at a certain frequency of about 680Hz, while the female mosquitoes buzz at around 400Hz. However,… Continue reading Why Do Mosquitoes Buzz?