The Only Humane Thing to Do

If you see a trapped animal, you'll do what you can to make it feel better. And that's exactly what this hero did. Poor turtle was trapped in some discarded net, and it was up to this man and his trusty knife to free it and give it another chance at life. Full video here.


The Amazing Rat Rescue

We have all heard amazing stories of animal rescues, maybe for a farm animal, a dog or a cat. What about a rat? This unfortunate rat was stuck in one of the holes in a manhole in Germany. An animal rescuer was activated and when he couldn't do the job, 8 firefighters were drafted in… Continue reading The Amazing Rat Rescue

How Do Bees Make Honey?

Step 1: Forager bees drink nectar from thousands of flowers each to fill their honey stomach. Bees have 2 stomachs by the way.Step 2: Enzymes in the honey stomach begin to digest the nectar and turn it into a nectar mush.Step 3: Upon reaching the hive, the forager bee vomits the nectar mush into the… Continue reading How Do Bees Make Honey?

Do Fish Pee?

Short answer is yes, but the amount of pee depends largely on whether they are saltwater or freshwater fish. As fish breathe through their gills, they are subject to osmosis all the time. For saltwater fish, they are always fighting to keep water within their bodies. So they have special cells to get rid of… Continue reading Do Fish Pee?