The Origin of Mathematical Symbols

Long story short, mathematical symbols exist because mathematicians got tired of writing out things which appear commonly in full. For example, the "=" simply means "is equal to", but is sure as hell easier to write. Robert Recorde, a mathematician in the 16th century, suggested using 2 horizontal parallel lines equal in length to depict… Continue reading The Origin of Mathematical Symbols


Myths Concerning Virginity

Today I learnt the truth about 2 myths from watching this TEDx talk titled "The Virginity Fraud" Myth 1: Virgins bleed the first time they have sexual intercourse. For many people, they imagine the hymen like a thin piece of film covering the vaginal opening, which rips when you have intercourse the first time. In… Continue reading Myths Concerning Virginity

Why You Should Thank Everyone Responsible for Your *Insert Item*

Still carrying on the theme of gratitude and appreciation, I came across this TED talk by AJ Jacobs titled "My journey to thank all the people responsible for my morning coffee" This journey of his took him several months to complete! You couldn't have imagined how far you could have went to thank everyone that… Continue reading Why You Should Thank Everyone Responsible for Your *Insert Item*

The Difference Between Appreciation and Recognition

You get recognition for what you do, but you get appreciation for who you are. The single biggest reason why people leave their jobs is because they don't feel appreciated at work. Unfortunately, not many of us regularly show appreciation to others around us. So how do we go about showing more of it? 1.… Continue reading The Difference Between Appreciation and Recognition

Be Grateful

Laura Trice shared the importance of saying "thank you" in this TED talk titled "Remember to say thank you" 1. Everyone craves appreciation in one way or another, but most don't ever express the need for it. 2. It's weird because we express a lot of our other needs, such as "I want the fan… Continue reading Be Grateful