When There’s Something Bigger Than Infinity..

Just watched this TED-Ed talk by Dennis Wildfogel on "How big is infinity?" Apparently, infinities are not all the same. The set of numbers containing all the whole numbers is infinite, but it appears that this infinity is less than the set of rational numbers, which is also infinite, but if you map out both… Continue reading When There’s Something Bigger Than Infinity..


Sleep, the Non-Negotiable Need

Too often we have placed sleep last in the list of priorities in life. We place things such as work and family, nutrition, exercise, entertainment etc ahead of sleep. Why is that so, and could it really be that bad? Matt Walker shares in this TED talk titled "Sleep is your superpower" Some snippets on… Continue reading Sleep, the Non-Negotiable Need

How to Support am Autistic Child Having a Meltdown

A simple way is just to show support in a non confrontational way. This happened recently in a theme park in Orlando. Boy waited all day for a ride and ride breaks down just before his turn. By lying down next to the boy, the theme park staff showed support in a non confrontational way… Continue reading How to Support am Autistic Child Having a Meltdown

Mapping Our Night Sky

Juna Kollmeier shares the immense effort required to map our night sky in this TED talk. In her words, 1 global survey 2 hemispheres 5 telescopes 10 spectrographs Millions of stars Mow the sky Creative army Robots If anything, the talk itself seemed underwhelming, perhaps due to lack of interest from the audience. But I… Continue reading Mapping Our Night Sky

When You get a Phone Call Telling You that You’re Diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer…

Kate Bowler shared in this TED talk about her personal life, and how it sort of all fell apart when that phone call came. At that moment in time, would you be thinking that everything happens for a reason? That perhaps God wanted her to share her story with those in her situation, and to… Continue reading When You get a Phone Call Telling You that You’re Diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer…