Cloud Type Identification Guide

I quite like this Altas Pro video channel that I recently discovered on YouTube. Here's another on cloud classifications, a very informative video on the different types of clouds we see on earth. So 3 main types: cumulus, stratus and cirrus. If they are accompanied by the word alto, then they occur mid level. And… Continue reading Cloud Type Identification Guide


The World Discriminates Against Females.

By design, it's true. BBC brings up 3 examples to illustrate this point. 1. Toilets Ever wondered why the female toilet queue is always lower than the male toilet queue? (Image credit: alamy) Even though the guideline is that space catered for male and female toilets should be the same, females actually need more space… Continue reading The World Discriminates Against Females.

Soccer: Why a Yellow Card for Taking Off Shirt?

Check out this clip of Diego Forlan playing shirtless for Manchester United back in 2003. Apparently, he took off his jersey to celebrate after scoring a goal, but didn't manage to put it back on before play restarted. Indeed, this might have been the trigger for FIFA changing the rules to ban players from celebrating… Continue reading Soccer: Why a Yellow Card for Taking Off Shirt?