Soccer: Why a Yellow Card for Taking Off Shirt?

Check out this clip of Diego Forlan playing shirtless for Manchester United back in 2003. Apparently, he took off his jersey to celebrate after scoring a goal, but didn't manage to put it back on before play restarted. Indeed, this might have been the trigger for FIFA changing the rules to ban players from celebrating… Continue reading Soccer: Why a Yellow Card for Taking Off Shirt?


How Did the World Religions Spread?

An enlightening animation by Business Insider showing the rise and spread of 5 major religions. The best parts are captured here as screenshots, though I urge you to watch the full video. It's just over 2.5 minutes long.

You Need to Take Action if You Love Arctic Reindeers.

News just in. The wild reindeer, or caribou, population in the arctic, has reduced by more than half in the past 20 years, from 5 million, to around 2.1 million today. Image taken from Vancouver courier. Why is this happening? Well, the arctic is starting to see some greenery, which may be good if you… Continue reading You Need to Take Action if You Love Arctic Reindeers.

What is the World Coming to?

You may have previously heard about movie goers who were infected with HIV because they sat on cinema seats with HIV infected needles poking out of them. Thankfully, this is just a hoax and is not true. More recently, we had a terrible needle in strawberry crisis in Australia. As a result of this sabotage,… Continue reading What is the World Coming to?

What’s Your Impression of Africa?

A continent full of poor and starving people? The image below is the famous one where the vulture knows the little child is near death and is awaiting its meal. A large desert and a big safari full of wildlife? Scammers trying to get you to transfer money to them, promising large fortunes in return?… Continue reading What’s Your Impression of Africa?