First Real Pictures of A Black Hole!

For space enthusiasts, exciting stuff. Here's a black hole! All pictures are taken from this link If you look very closely, it's the black speck in the middle of all that orange glow. When super zoomed in, it looks like this: That "little" black hole is 40,000,000,000km across, or about 3 million times the size… Continue reading First Real Pictures of A Black Hole!


The Opposite of a Black Hole is…?

I learnt about white holes today watching The Action Lab's video titled "How to make a white hole and an Einstein-Rosen bridge in real life" So unlike a black hole where nothing escapes after you move beyond event horizon, a white hole does the opposite. It continually spews out information and lets nothing in. You… Continue reading The Opposite of a Black Hole is…?

Radio Signals from Outer Space!

We have been beaming radio signals into outer space for many years now, with the intention of letting other lifeforms in space know that we are here on earth, but to no avail. Until recently. A recently installed telescope in Canada has picked up 13 fast radio bursts, including 1 that repeats, about 1.5 billion… Continue reading Radio Signals from Outer Space!

A Visitor from Outer Space

You might be thinking sentient life or aliens, but nah, it's not as earth shattering as that, but nonetheless, it excited the entire outer space community around the world. Ok so that was what the scientists and astronomers saw. Not that interesting to the masses. Let's check out some artist's impressions. Nicknamed Oumuamua which means… Continue reading A Visitor from Outer Space

A New Galaxy Type in Outer Space!

The milky way, the galaxy our sun exists in, is in the traditional boring spiral shape. So there are theories to explain the formation of these type of galaxies. A rarer galaxy type is called Hoag's galaxy, named after Arthur Hoag who discovered it in 1950. The formation of this type of galaxies is currently… Continue reading A New Galaxy Type in Outer Space!