Why Printer Ink Makes You Mad

A sample top 10 list of the most expensive liquids in the world see the infamous printer ink sitting comfortably at 8th place. Of all things, printer ink?! And all that boils down to this question: Which would you buy, a $50 dollar printer or a $400 dollar printer? Most people will opt to buy… Continue reading Why Printer Ink Makes You Mad


Before You Spend Your Money…

A picture that struck me today.. While we shop at the big players to get more bang for our buck, sometimes, it's worth thinking about those small chic shops that we often overlook. Perhaps it may not be an everyday occurrence, but once in a while, you might find a treasure or 2 in those… Continue reading Before You Spend Your Money…

Boeing’s Huge Error?

After the recent crashes of 2 Boeing 737 max planes, it seemed like there was something fundamentally wrong with the plane. The investigations and causes behind it all are nicely summarised in this video by Vox. 1. Airbus upgraded their A320s with an improved engine that offers 15% better fuel efficiency. Minimal additional training required… Continue reading Boeing’s Huge Error?