Why Similar Shops Open Next to One Another?

You've seen this many times. You drive for miles and miles without a petrol station in sight, and finally when you see one, you don't just see one, but a few clustered together. The same situation goes for coffee joints, restaurants, and other shops. Why don't they spread out so that they can better serve… Continue reading Why Similar Shops Open Next to One Another?


What Do You Make of the Future of Chess?

If you aren't already aware, the World Chess Championship 2018 is currently ongoing between the reigning champion Magnus Carlsen, and the challenger Fabiano Caruana. These are the current top 2 rated chess players in the world. They just battled to their 4th consecutive draw yesterday, and if anything, it seems reminiscent of the previous world… Continue reading What Do You Make of the Future of Chess?

What We Can Learn About Decision Making from Poker Experts

Liv Boeree, the 2010 European Poker Tour champion, shares 3 points we can learn about decision making in this TED talk. 1. Luck: Sometimes when good things happen to us, it is worthwhile to take a step back and examine how much of it is due to luck and how much is because of what… Continue reading What We Can Learn About Decision Making from Poker Experts

The Knight on a Chessboard Problem

There are numerous knight on the chessboard puzzles which I have previously tried out, such as the knight's tour, where you need to visit every square on the chessboard exactly once with a knight, or how to guard all 64 squares of the chessboard using the fewest number of knights. I came across this really… Continue reading The Knight on a Chessboard Problem