When You’re a Master of Your Art..

Here's Gordon Ramsey cutting up a chicken into its main parts, blindfolded. I guess it's easy when you have done this hundreds and thousands of times. Thinking about it, to be really good at something, you really have to work at it for years and years. And if you are envious of his success, fame… Continue reading When You’re a Master of Your Art..


Is Canola Oil from the Canola Plant?

Well, yes(sort of), but surprisingly, the word "canola" in canola oil actually means something else, not the canola plant. (Image credit: Vicuschka shutterstock) Canola is actually an acronym for Canada Ola, with ola meaning oil. And it is a specialised mixture of oils including rapeseed oil and monounsaturated oils, with minimal erucic acid, which when… Continue reading Is Canola Oil from the Canola Plant?

Saturated Fats: Eat More to Get Healthier?

(Image credit: getty images) As with many food claims, there are many conflicting views. Some say to avoid or limit, while others say to eat more of, but reduce intake of carbohydrates. The conflicting views are nicely summarised in this BBC article. To summarise, whilst whatever claims might be true, sticking to a Mediterranean style… Continue reading Saturated Fats: Eat More to Get Healthier?

Eating Medium Rare Steak Ok! But Not Medium Rare Chicken?

What gives? Why is it ok to eat some types of meat raw(ish), but not others? Turns out that bacteria that reside in a cow doesn't live within its muscle. So once you have seared the surface enough, the rest of the rare part is safe to eat, as the bacteria doesn't reside in there.… Continue reading Eating Medium Rare Steak Ok! But Not Medium Rare Chicken?