Eating Overnight Food is Safe, Plus Other Myths

Sharing a bunch of myths related to food as follows: 1. Food left overnight out at the table can be reheated and eaten without getting sick. Myth! After the prescribed 2 hours or so where your food is, left between 4 - 60 degrees Celsius, bacteria in the food will grow and multiply, and contrary… Continue reading Eating Overnight Food is Safe, Plus Other Myths


The Origin of the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish Burger

There was a time long ago where McDonald's had poor sales every Friday, simply because certain groups of Catholics had this religious practice where they abstain from non-seafood meat on Fridays. To solve this, there was a mini competition between 2 new burgers to be offered. The hula burger, which was a pineapple slice with… Continue reading The Origin of the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish Burger

Oranges Aren’t Orange in Colour

This is a bit of a surprise to me. The fruit "orange" actually came before the colour orange. In fact, most oranges are green, not orange! Oranges grown in the tropics retain their chlorophyll, hence the green colour. They only lose their colour when the weather turns cold. So would you buy a green orange… Continue reading Oranges Aren’t Orange in Colour

When Green Tea Does More Harm than Good..

Looking at the Japanese's longevity and their dietary habits, one cannot help but link the regular consumption of green tea to that. If you don't like the taste of it, you should be able to make do with green tea supplements right? Extract out all the antioxidants and goodness, fashion it into a pill, and… Continue reading When Green Tea Does More Harm than Good..

The Disgusting Next Superfood

Get ready for your tummy to churn. The next superfood coming to us has quite a disgusting origin. Cockroach juice. Yes you read that right. The rubbish eating and loving insect supposedly boasts of numerous benefits, including positive effects on stomach pain, and other ailments. There's a super farm in China that breeds these insects… Continue reading The Disgusting Next Superfood