How to Pour Beer Correctly?

I used to drink beer in my university days, and those times I remember pouring the beer into the glass along the sides to minimise the foam created. Well, now I know that's all wrong, according to this video from business insider. If you pour it out without much foam, you'll get this: And when… Continue reading How to Pour Beer Correctly?


Norwegian Salmon: Is it Still Safe to Eat Them?

Recently there have been many people sharing videos and clips of how Norwegian Salmon are some of the most toxic foods that we can eat. Yes, it's that thing again. Factory farms. They do that to fishes too apparently. Money drives a lot of our human behavior. From one of the charts where they compared… Continue reading Norwegian Salmon: Is it Still Safe to Eat Them?

The Mystery of Milk Consumption

Ever wondered why we drink milk? Milk contains a special milk sugar called lactose, which is broken down into simple sugars by an enzyme called lactase. When milk is consumed in large quantities without lactase present, you'll get stomach cramps, flatulence, and even diarrhoea. In all mammals, lactase is produced in babies until the time… Continue reading The Mystery of Milk Consumption

Eating Overnight Food is Safe, Plus Other Myths

Sharing a bunch of myths related to food as follows: 1. Food left overnight out at the table can be reheated and eaten without getting sick. Myth! After the prescribed 2 hours or so where your food is, left between 4 - 60 degrees Celsius, bacteria in the food will grow and multiply, and contrary… Continue reading Eating Overnight Food is Safe, Plus Other Myths

The Origin of the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish Burger

There was a time long ago where McDonald's had poor sales every Friday, simply because certain groups of Catholics had this religious practice where they abstain from non-seafood meat on Fridays. To solve this, there was a mini competition between 2 new burgers to be offered. The hula burger, which was a pineapple slice with… Continue reading The Origin of the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish Burger