Advice for Growing Up

10 lessons to install in our kids.


Are We Closing the Door on Child Creativity?

This story is titled "THE LITTLE BOY" By Helen E. Buckley Once a little boy went to school. One morning, when the little boy had been in school a while, his teacher said: “Today we are going to make a picture.” “Good!” thought the little boy. He liked to make pictures. He could make all… Continue reading Are We Closing the Door on Child Creativity?

Could This Be The Future of Marriages?

I certainly hope not. Supposedly there's a threesome marriage in Texas and they are advocating their polygamous arrangement as optimal to having a healthy life even with children around. Presumably, they can take turns to babysit children and go out on dates. They do not suffer from burnout like most couples do trying to balance… Continue reading Could This Be The Future of Marriages?

How to Get Your Children to Do Your Bidding?

For the umpteenth time, your child has thrown a tantrum on not eating his broccoli. Threatening him doesn't work. Promising him one the next time doesn't work. Nothing seems to work and you seem destined to live with this for the next 5 years of your life until they finally grow up. With an understanding… Continue reading How to Get Your Children to Do Your Bidding?