Does Recycling Really Help?

A somber article by the guardian on the realities of recycling. (Image credit: AFP Getty images) Basically, what really happens is that recycled materials get sorted and shipped off to other countries who can find some use for them, before they eventually become too useless to use. To really help the environment, go in order… Continue reading Does Recycling Really Help?


Using Trigonometry in Real Life

If you ever wondered why you bothered learning about sine, cosine, right angled triangles, and the like, you may want to check out this video near the 2min mark. So poor Jerry is getting tormented by an evil Tom. The little woodpecker comes to the rescue with accurate Trigonometry calculations! I'll qualify my title though.… Continue reading Using Trigonometry in Real Life

Knowing Why Your Baby Cries..

My sister previously bought this for me for my firstborn's baby shower. A cry analyser machine?! Obviously I thought she was scammed because this doesn't work. How can a simple machine tell you why your baby is crying? Well think again! Scientists are using artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques to interpret baby's cries, with… Continue reading Knowing Why Your Baby Cries..