UK to Take the Lead to Ban Smoking in Public Places?

This news appeared last week in BBC. Apparently, this white paper slipped out somehow, in the period of UK leadership renewal. Some measures to support this include: Ensuring any smoker admitted to hospital automatically gets offered help to quit Extending tooth brushing schemes in nurseries and primary schools Reviewing the evidence on sleep and health… Continue reading UK to Take the Lead to Ban Smoking in Public Places?


17 Fitness Myths!

17 myths regarding fitness busted by fitness experts. I honestly thought some of these were real! Myth 1: Unused muscle turns to fat Myth 2: Morning workouts are better Myth 3: Stretching before a workout prevents injury Myth 4: You can target specific body parts Myth 5: Cardio burns fat Myth 6: Muscle weighs more… Continue reading 17 Fitness Myths!

Cockroach Versus Cigarettes – Who Wins?

We know cockroaches are extremely hardy creatures which have survived on earth for millions of years. Can they withstand the cigarette, a human invention? Someone pitted the cockroach against a pack of cigarettes. Just look at the result. For the first 5 cigarettes, the cockroach was very mobile, but after that, the cigarette smoke clearly… Continue reading Cockroach Versus Cigarettes – Who Wins?

Testing Phone Emissions with a Microwave Leak Detector

A really cool experiment conducted by "The Action Lab" to show the effects of phone use and whether they are dangerous to humans. It starts off using true microwave as a baseline test, before going onto his iPhone. While the readings did overload the sensor, it seems like the feared hearing effect the microwaves have… Continue reading Testing Phone Emissions with a Microwave Leak Detector

Sleep, the Non-Negotiable Need

Too often we have placed sleep last in the list of priorities in life. We place things such as work and family, nutrition, exercise, entertainment etc ahead of sleep. Why is that so, and could it really be that bad? Matt Walker shares in this TED talk titled "Sleep is your superpower" Some snippets on… Continue reading Sleep, the Non-Negotiable Need