The Waterless Toilet

Probably a boon to those societies without proper access to clean water, this waterless toilet would help address some sanitation issues. Screengrabs from this video. The polymer evaporates the water element from your poop, thus shrinking it. This polymer pack does need replenishing every 2 weeks, but hey, at least it's better than nothing! Now… Continue reading The Waterless Toilet


Norwegian Salmon: Is it Still Safe to Eat Them?

Recently there have been many people sharing videos and clips of how Norwegian Salmon are some of the most toxic foods that we can eat. Yes, it's that thing again. Factory farms. They do that to fishes too apparently. Money drives a lot of our human behavior. From one of the charts where they compared… Continue reading Norwegian Salmon: Is it Still Safe to Eat Them?

The Mystery of Milk Consumption

Ever wondered why we drink milk? Milk contains a special milk sugar called lactose, which is broken down into simple sugars by an enzyme called lactase. When milk is consumed in large quantities without lactase present, you'll get stomach cramps, flatulence, and even diarrhoea. In all mammals, lactase is produced in babies until the time… Continue reading The Mystery of Milk Consumption

What I Learnt From Watching Veritisium’s Video on “Are Negative Ions Good For You?”

1. Negative ions are produced naturally from cosmic rays, waterfalls, oceans, and thunderstorms. 2. Don't buy salt lamps. Contrary to what they promise, they don't actually produce negative ions. 3. An air purifier with ionizer function does produce some negative ions, but also ozone, or what you will call smog in a city. 4. Despite… Continue reading What I Learnt From Watching Veritisium’s Video on “Are Negative Ions Good For You?”