What I Learnt From Watching Veritisium’s Video on “Are Negative Ions Good For You?”

1. Negative ions are produced naturally from cosmic rays, waterfalls, oceans, and thunderstorms. 2. Don't buy salt lamps. Contrary to what they promise, they don't actually produce negative ions. 3. An air purifier with ionizer function does produce some negative ions, but also ozone, or what you will call smog in a city. 4. Despite… Continue reading What I Learnt From Watching Veritisium’s Video on “Are Negative Ions Good For You?”


Is Sitting Really Worse Than Smoking?

This all depends on what you read and who you decide to trust. If you Google this, you'll get a mish mash of results supporting both sides: The arguments for sitting being worse than smoking is that supposedly, according to statistics, the study group which sits down for lengthy periods of time daily have a… Continue reading Is Sitting Really Worse Than Smoking?

Would You Donate Your Poo for a Good Cause?

Hospitals are looking for individuals called super poo donors. These are people with poo teeming with lots of good bacteria for the gut. Now what makes a person a super poo donor is currently unknown, but when such poo is found, the faeces is transplanted to the sick person's bowel to help him get better.… Continue reading Would You Donate Your Poo for a Good Cause?

Why Open Defecation is Rampant in India

Sanitation is a problem in many poor countries. The lack of proper sewage treatment and transportation systems is directly linked to why a country's people defecate in the open. Except India. If you study this chart, India is way off the trendline. And the reason why is really surprising. It has its roots in the… Continue reading Why Open Defecation is Rampant in India

Incorrect Advice for Lifting Posture?

You have heard this repeatedly, from when you are in school to when you are working: when lifting heavy objects, bend your knees, not your back. Image taken from The Telegraph. Scientists have now discovered that actually this advice may not be universally correct. As everyone's spine is different, it is not correct to assume… Continue reading Incorrect Advice for Lifting Posture?