Advice for Growing Up

10 lessons to install in our kids.


A University Degree vs a Skill

Came across this funny picture. But that got me thinking... isn't this so true in our education system nowadays? I'm a mechanical engineer by training but in terms of skills, for example machining and carpentry, I'm probably years of experience behind my father, who doesn't even have a college certificate. Yes, I can probably do… Continue reading A University Degree vs a Skill

The 8 Rules of Money

As expounded by proactive thinker in this video. 1. Money does grow in trees (Investments) 2. There is no limit to how much you can spend 3. Money is a lifelong game 4. Money won't solve your insecurities 5. Don't let anyone know that you have money 6. Greatest wealth transfers happen during crises 7.… Continue reading The 8 Rules of Money