How to Alter What Your Brain Remembers?

If you know anything about neuroscience, you will know that how we remember things is by how your neurocircuits fire in your brain. After firing a certain way a number of times, and when consolidated by sleep, that's when you remember things more effectively. Similarly, for all the other things which your neurocircuits fire less… Continue reading How to Alter What Your Brain Remembers?


Do You Feel Ikigai?

If you haven't seen this very popular image of what Ikigai is, do take a moment to absorb what it is about. Somehow, the mathematician in me just can't help wondering that it should be a 3D tetrahedral representation rather than just flat, unless it is very clear that there are no cases where there… Continue reading Do You Feel Ikigai?

So What is the “Meat Paradox”?

Warning: Meat lovers who choose not to give up meat should just stop reading now. Simply put, the meat paradox describes the psychological conflict between people‚Äôs dietary preference for meat and their moral response to animal suffering. Don't tell me you have never heard of factory farms before. These are the places where animals don't… Continue reading So What is the “Meat Paradox”?