Kevin Carden Artwork

I like these pictures done up by Kevin Carden. The role that parents play in our child's development cannot be underestimated. Check out Kevin Carden's other work here.


How to Deal With Package Thieves

Oftentimes, thieves get away with stealing packages because the cost of the packages are too small for the police to be bothered with. As such, package thieves get away regularly scot free. Even with video evidence, police are unwilling to trace and arrest the thieves. So some people have ended up taking matters into their… Continue reading How to Deal With Package Thieves

Amazing Speed Painting Artists

Take a look at this picture: Or this one: Ok so I'm a sucker for beautiful scenery pictures or paintings. The amazing thing about them is that they are speed finger painted by a street artist in less than 2 minutes! It'll take me probably more than a lifetime to master such intricate paintings, let… Continue reading Amazing Speed Painting Artists