This is Tibet

Is this award worthy or what? Add this to your travel bucket list. And I thought the amalfi coast in Italy was something. This is really something else!


Comical Post on the Inadequacies of Captain Steve Rogers

I assume most of us would have watched infinity wars. *Spoilers ahead* During the battle of wakanda, the average audience would have felt that black panther's decision to open up their force shield to fight head on with the enemy was quite insane. But that's not the only mistake. Check out the entire list in… Continue reading Comical Post on the Inadequacies of Captain Steve Rogers

When is International Men’s Day?

So intentional women's day has just passed us by recently, and I'm sure there are more than a few men who wonder if there is an equivalent for men. Sexual equality right? If there's one for women, there should be one for men! And yes there is! It falls on the 19 of November. Why… Continue reading When is International Men’s Day?