Unity is Strength

It is not good news when your leg gets trapped between a train and a train platform. Less still if the train is about to move off. But even if the train is not going to move off, what can you do other than waiting for the mechanics to saw away the part of the… Continue reading Unity is Strength


Interesting Bird Box Challenges to Try…….NOT!

If you haven't already heard about the bird box challenge, it is a meme derived from the movie of the same name released on Netflix recently. This is a scene from the movie whether the female lead is trying to cross a river with her 2 children blindfolded. The challenge itself is simple: to try… Continue reading Interesting Bird Box Challenges to Try…….NOT!

The Thrill and Joy of Freediving

Consider what it means to be truly free. For a select number of people, that means the time spent freediving. What's freediving? It is simply diving, but without most of your traditional diving gear, such as breathing apparatus, and so on. The result? Well, though you are limited by your breath, there's no limit to… Continue reading The Thrill and Joy of Freediving