Using Trigonometry in Real Life

If you ever wondered why you bothered learning about sine, cosine, right angled triangles, and the like, you may want to check out this video near the 2min mark. So poor Jerry is getting tormented by an evil Tom. The little woodpecker comes to the rescue with accurate Trigonometry calculations! I'll qualify my title though.… Continue reading Using Trigonometry in Real Life


Look Closely at this Picture

Is it in colour or in black and white? The truth is, this photo was originally in grayscale, but an artist drew coloured lines on it. But those coloured lines are enough to let your brain imagine the picture in colour and to fill in the rest of the colours itself. Amazing!

Do the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans Mix?

Yea, if you have learnt diffusion in science class, you will know that they do definitely mix. However we see phenomenon such as these online: And the people who post these claim that these are the Atlantic and Pacific oceans which don't mix. Well, they are spreading fake news. This phenomenon can happen if a… Continue reading Do the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans Mix?

Cloud Type Identification Guide

I quite like this Altas Pro video channel that I recently discovered on YouTube. Here's another on cloud classifications, a very informative video on the different types of clouds we see on earth. So 3 main types: cumulus, stratus and cirrus. If they are accompanied by the word alto, then they occur mid level. And… Continue reading Cloud Type Identification Guide