Climate Change is Real

Just to set the record straight, I have went through a ton of articles talking about explanations for and against climate change. My personal verdict, based on the evidences presented by both sides, is that climate change is real, and it is largely due to humans disturbing the delicate balance of the ecosystem which has… Continue reading Climate Change is Real


Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming

Following a reader's comment on my post yesterday, I was intrigued and went on to investigate further. Got some light about the disagreements surrounding global warming and climate change. The key point is that water vapour, which is present in the air in much bigger concentrations than other greenhouse gases, is the major contributing factor… Continue reading Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming

Global Warming? Blame the Cows!

There's no doubt that cows and other animals contributed to the global warming problem due to the methane they produce. But solving the global warming problem by sorting them out is something else! (Image credit: INTA) This backpack carries the methane the cow produces as a result of its digestive action and converts it into… Continue reading Global Warming? Blame the Cows!

Weird Earth: Thermal Inversion

Ever wanted to walk among the clouds, but you don't wish to get off an aeroplane in mid-air, nor climb high mountains to reach them? Turns out that clouds can form in valleys too! Thermal inversion occurs when the temperature gets higher when you move up in altitude, as opposed to lower. This occurs when… Continue reading Weird Earth: Thermal Inversion

Spontaneous Synchronization

Check out this interesting phenomenon here! 5 metronomes, when triggered at different phases at different points in time, eventually end up getting synchronised in time together. So what happens is supposedly from a commenter in reddit, "the oscillations of the metronomes that are closest in rhythm carry through the system and eventually overpower the weaker… Continue reading Spontaneous Synchronization