Do You Know Any Modern Symphonies? Or have People Stopped Composing Them?

Mention symphonies and your mind will zoom to the likes of Mozart, Beethoven and Bach, and their extensive repertoire of symphonies composed. You have probably heard some notable ones such as Beethoven's symphony no 5, or Mozart's symphony no. 40. So what is the most modern symphony you can name? So if you are like… Continue reading Do You Know Any Modern Symphonies? Or have People Stopped Composing Them?


Would You Ban a Singer’s Songs if the Singer was a Criminal?

And that singer in question is none other than Michael Jackson. Apparently several radio stations in Quebec have stopped playing his songs over allegations of child molestation while he was still alive, which resurfaced with the airing of the documentary titled Leaving Neverland. And that begs the question. If the artist is flawed in some… Continue reading Would You Ban a Singer’s Songs if the Singer was a Criminal?

I Can Play the Piano with Only 4 Fingers

Meet Darrius Simmons. Born with a genetic condition that gave him only 3 fingers on his right hand and 1 on his left, you might think it is easy for him to give up on life for dealing him a bad hand (pun unintended). Except that he didn't, and he followed his passion of playing… Continue reading I Can Play the Piano with Only 4 Fingers

Studying with Music: Yay or Nay?

Looking at the hoards of students wearing headphones and taking up valuable space in Starbucks to cram their examination notes makes me wonder sometimes. Does listening to music really help the studying process? Image taken from Well first off, it is sort of proven that listening to Mozart does not magically make you or… Continue reading Studying with Music: Yay or Nay?

How were the Classical Symphonies Named?

You might be aware of some of the most famous symphonies out there in the world today, such as Beethoven's iconic symphony no. 5 or Mozart's symphony no. 40. But these names do sound quite arbitrary right? How do they actually choose these names for these pieces of music they compose? Image credit: London Symphony… Continue reading How were the Classical Symphonies Named?