Watch Where You Step on the Escalator!

If your little ones are wearing those super comfortable soft shoes, such as crocs, beware! Here's what might happen. Check out the full video here. So keep your little ones feet safe. If they are wearing these malleable type shoes, avoid escalator use if you can help it, or carry them. And if you really… Continue reading Watch Where You Step on the Escalator!


Momo and What You Really Need to Do

Momo is one of the top trending searches recently, and that I think originated from a pediatrician's post of the Momo character spliced into a peppa pig episode seemingly encouraging children watching it to commit suicide. I have censored out essentially the entire image as I still get goosebumps thinking about it. I don't want… Continue reading Momo and What You Really Need to Do

Semi-Identical Twins!

So a recent case of semi identical twins was discovered, quite by chance really, because the initial assessment was that they were identical twins, since there was only one placenta. It was only subsequently when they discovered their sexes were different did they realise that they were actually from the same egg, but different sperm.… Continue reading Semi-Identical Twins!

Do Amber Beads Help Sooth Teething Pain?

If you have a baby, one of the nuisances the child faces is teething pains. As a desperate parent, you ask around for help and some parents inform you that amber beads might help. So you Google amber beads and this pops out. Looks legit so you buy 1 for your child. Nothing wrong right?… Continue reading Do Amber Beads Help Sooth Teething Pain?

Is There 1 Boy Birth to Every Girl Birth?

You might think this is a trick question. Isn't it a straightforward 50% chance that a baby turns out to be either sex? Surprisingly, it is not! There are about 105 boy births compared to 100 girl births every year, as shared by this BBC Health article. This is seemingly the work of evolution, as… Continue reading Is There 1 Boy Birth to Every Girl Birth?