Does Recycling Really Help?

A somber article by the guardian on the realities of recycling. (Image credit: AFP Getty images) Basically, what really happens is that recycled materials get sorted and shipped off to other countries who can find some use for them, before they eventually become too useless to use. To really help the environment, go in order… Continue reading Does Recycling Really Help?


Halo, Anymore Ice Left in the North Pole?

Apparently, the north pole is now a lake. Well, technically there is still ice between this lake and the arctic ocean, but this is a yearly occurrence now, where previously it would normally be frozen over. You can read more about it here. Still think the world is not warming up?

More Freak Weather

Latest reports come from Guadalajara, Mexico, as reported by BBC. (Image credit: AFP) Just before this event, the weather in Guadalajara was up to 30°C. Then this hailstorm came and blanketed the suburb in 1.5m of ice in some places. All these reports give me the same feeling when I was watching the movie "The… Continue reading More Freak Weather

Is This Reaction to a Peaceful Protest Appropriate?

Police sprayed tear gas on the faces of peaceful climate change protestors sitting and blocking out a bridge in Paris demanding action on climate change. Reuters reports. I assume the police are just doing their job to preserve the peace and quiet in the city, although I do question, is there really a need to… Continue reading Is This Reaction to a Peaceful Protest Appropriate?