Nothing Costs More Than Just £1..

Sometimes, you don't really need a gift for an occasion, and reply that you want nothing. Beware! You might get this: Reported in BBC recently, this gift of nothing costs £1. What do you think? Innovative and humorous take on a simple response? Unfortunately, this little gift of nothing costs more than just £1. The… Continue reading Nothing Costs More Than Just £1..


Another Innovative Way to Recycle Plastic

Researchers in Singapore have found a way to produce aerogel from plastic bottles! Hooray! Image taken from mediacorp Singapore. Amongst its uses are: 1. Lining for fire retardant coats and carbon dioxide absorption masks 2. Better heat and sound insulation in buildings 3. Cleaning oil spills While it would take a while before this can… Continue reading Another Innovative Way to Recycle Plastic

Do We Really Have Insufficient Food?

Short answer is we don't. So what is the problem? Why are there so many starving in the world? 1. As expounded in this TED talk by Tristam Stuart titled "The Global Food Waste Scandal", there is lots of food wastage. Sure, you might look at yourself and think about whether you are a contributor.… Continue reading Do We Really Have Insufficient Food?

Another Way to Reuse Plastic

Innovation has no limits its seems. Check out this method of reusing plastic bottles with the help of some heat! This video shows some of his works and the process. I'm heartened to see these efforts going towards saving the earth. If you have such ideas that help reuse plastic that solve other problems at… Continue reading Another Way to Reuse Plastic

You Need to Take Action if You Love Arctic Reindeers.

News just in. The wild reindeer, or caribou, population in the arctic, has reduced by more than half in the past 20 years, from 5 million, to around 2.1 million today. Image taken from Vancouver courier. Why is this happening? Well, the arctic is starting to see some greenery, which may be good if you… Continue reading You Need to Take Action if You Love Arctic Reindeers.