Myths Concerning Virginity

Today I learnt the truth about 2 myths from watching this TEDx talk titled "The Virginity Fraud" Myth 1: Virgins bleed the first time they have sexual intercourse. For many people, they imagine the hymen like a thin piece of film covering the vaginal opening, which rips when you have intercourse the first time. In… Continue reading Myths Concerning Virginity


Do Amber Beads Help Sooth Teething Pain?

If you have a baby, one of the nuisances the child faces is teething pains. As a desperate parent, you ask around for help and some parents inform you that amber beads might help. So you Google amber beads and this pops out. Looks legit so you buy 1 for your child. Nothing wrong right?… Continue reading Do Amber Beads Help Sooth Teething Pain?

What I Learnt From Watching Veritisium’s Video on “Are Negative Ions Good For You?”

1. Negative ions are produced naturally from cosmic rays, waterfalls, oceans, and thunderstorms. 2. Don't buy salt lamps. Contrary to what they promise, they don't actually produce negative ions. 3. An air purifier with ionizer function does produce some negative ions, but also ozone, or what you will call smog in a city. 4. Despite… Continue reading What I Learnt From Watching Veritisium’s Video on “Are Negative Ions Good For You?”

Is Sitting Really Worse Than Smoking?

This all depends on what you read and who you decide to trust. If you Google this, you'll get a mish mash of results supporting both sides: The arguments for sitting being worse than smoking is that supposedly, according to statistics, the study group which sits down for lengthy periods of time daily have a… Continue reading Is Sitting Really Worse Than Smoking?

What is the World Coming to?

You may have previously heard about movie goers who were infected with HIV because they sat on cinema seats with HIV infected needles poking out of them. Thankfully, this is just a hoax and is not true. More recently, we had a terrible needle in strawberry crisis in Australia. As a result of this sabotage,… Continue reading What is the World Coming to?