Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming

Following a reader's comment on my post yesterday, I was intrigued and went on to investigate further. Got some light about the disagreements surrounding global warming and climate change. The key point is that water vapour, which is present in the air in much bigger concentrations than other greenhouse gases, is the major contributing factor… Continue reading Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming


A Fake Amusement Ride Video

A friend of mine recently shared this amusement ride video with me. It starts out normal (probably real), and later on goes crazy. The crazy part comes when a slender structure whips out and swings the carriage of people wildly in circles. As usual, these type of videos receive tons of shares. I just wonder… Continue reading A Fake Amusement Ride Video

Norwegian Salmon: Is it Still Safe to Eat Them?

Recently there have been many people sharing videos and clips of how Norwegian Salmon are some of the most toxic foods that we can eat. Yes, it's that thing again. Factory farms. They do that to fishes too apparently. Money drives a lot of our human behavior. From one of the charts where they compared… Continue reading Norwegian Salmon: Is it Still Safe to Eat Them?

Momo and What You Really Need to Do

Momo is one of the top trending searches recently, and that I think originated from a pediatrician's post of the Momo character spliced into a peppa pig episode seemingly encouraging children watching it to commit suicide. I have censored out essentially the entire image as I still get goosebumps thinking about it. I don't want… Continue reading Momo and What You Really Need to Do

Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories

There is this group of people who believe that man never set foot on the moon, that the U.S. made the whole thing up so that it seemed like they managed to rival the then Soviet union in the space race. One of the "evidences" used for this theory are the pictures taken, say this… Continue reading Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories