Do the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans Mix?

Yea, if you have learnt diffusion in science class, you will know that they do definitely mix. However we see phenomenon such as these online: And the people who post these claim that these are the Atlantic and Pacific oceans which don't mix. Well, they are spreading fake news. This phenomenon can happen if a… Continue reading Do the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans Mix?


Can This Be Real?

Let's say you know next to nothing about cars. And you see this comparison chart: Do you think this is possible? Or is this likely to be fake to drum up interest for the Tesla Roadster? I don't know much about cars admittedly, although I'm an engineer by training. But I would say general physics… Continue reading Can This Be Real?

Can a Law to Govern Fake News Really Work?

So it seems like Singapore has recently approved a new fake news law which gives its ministers powers to clamp down on the spread of fake news. This follows in the footsteps of France and Germany who both have enforced laws to stop the spread of fake news last year. In the case for France,… Continue reading Can a Law to Govern Fake News Really Work?

Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming

Following a reader's comment on my post yesterday, I was intrigued and went on to investigate further. Got some light about the disagreements surrounding global warming and climate change. The key point is that water vapour, which is present in the air in much bigger concentrations than other greenhouse gases, is the major contributing factor… Continue reading Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming