Faith in Humanity Restored

Occasionally, we see reminders of how good people can actually be. Here's one example from Sweden reported in BBC. A Turkish taxi driver in Sweden lent a passenger his credit card when he found out that he forgot his wallet on his way to a business trip in Germany. They eventually reunited 3 days later… Continue reading Faith in Humanity Restored


Boeing’s Huge Error?

After the recent crashes of 2 Boeing 737 max planes, it seemed like there was something fundamentally wrong with the plane. The investigations and causes behind it all are nicely summarised in this video by Vox. 1. Airbus upgraded their A320s with an improved engine that offers 15% better fuel efficiency. Minimal additional training required… Continue reading Boeing’s Huge Error?

Sad Day for Notre Dame

I was lucky to have visited Notre Dame many years ago before this happened. (Images taken from BBC News) Not sure what happened that led to this. But if it was because of all our pollution that caused the material of the cathedral to weaken and start crumbling last week, then I'll be quite upset.… Continue reading Sad Day for Notre Dame

Brexit – Good or Bad?

Funny that the situation has come to a point now that whichever way UK goes, they are in a terrible mess. Check out this article for the newstatesman's take on this. I was happy in UK when I lived there for a few years many years ago. Can't imagine the uncertainty the citizens are facing… Continue reading Brexit – Good or Bad?