Hoverboard Crossing – Success!

Frank Zapata has done it! After the recent failure, here he is trying to cross the English channel again. Somehow, this seems easier to handle than Richard Browning's jetsuit propelled by turbine engines attached to his arms. But equally inspirational. Salute to his "never give up" attitude!


UK to Take the Lead to Ban Smoking in Public Places?

This news appeared last week in BBC. Apparently, this white paper slipped out somehow, in the period of UK leadership renewal. Some measures to support this include: Ensuring any smoker admitted to hospital automatically gets offered help to quit Extending tooth brushing schemes in nurseries and primary schools Reviewing the evidence on sleep and health… Continue reading UK to Take the Lead to Ban Smoking in Public Places?

More Freak Weather

Latest reports come from Guadalajara, Mexico, as reported by BBC. (Image credit: AFP) Just before this event, the weather in Guadalajara was up to 30°C. Then this hailstorm came and blanketed the suburb in 1.5m of ice in some places. All these reports give me the same feeling when I was watching the movie "The… Continue reading More Freak Weather