Free Public Transportation: Will You Give Up Your Car?

Luxembourg has recently announced that all public transportation will be free for all to use from March 2020 onwards. This is in a bid to drive up the number of people taking public transport and reduce the number of cars in the country. Sounds really good right? What bad things can possibly happen? 1. As… Continue reading Free Public Transportation: Will You Give Up Your Car?


Is the Stock Market Crashing Soon?

I think so. But what I think is insignificant. Let's hear what Harry Dent, a well known financial newsletter writer, has to say. Backed up by a demographic study, he believes that we are due for another crash the size of the great depression more than 80 years ago. The reason is simple. Baby boomers… Continue reading Is the Stock Market Crashing Soon?

Nothing Costs More Than Just £1..

Sometimes, you don't really need a gift for an occasion, and reply that you want nothing. Beware! You might get this: Reported in BBC recently, this gift of nothing costs £1. What do you think? Innovative and humorous take on a simple response? Unfortunately, this little gift of nothing costs more than just £1. The… Continue reading Nothing Costs More Than Just £1..

Get Fined For Smartphone Usage? About Time…

Ms Hu from Wenzhou, China, was fined a token sum of 10 yuan for crossing a road while using her smartphone, as reported on BBC. Smartphones were invented to make Apple money for the convenience of everyone. After all, having a little computer at the palm of your hand opens lots of doors. But at… Continue reading Get Fined For Smartphone Usage? About Time…

Is My P@ssword Safe?

A recent leak has published more than 21 million unique passwords used around the world. But how does this leak affect you? Well first things first, if your password appears on this list of 21 million passwords, it is time to get it changed. Hackers typically embark on dictionary attacks, but don't get away with… Continue reading Is My P@ssword Safe?