Shortcuts for Microsoft Office

Sharing some shortcuts for Microsoft office. Useful if you are a moderate user who don't know these exist. I assume if you use them daily, then you'll be familiar with at least half of these right?


Knowing Why Your Baby Cries..

My sister previously bought this for me for my firstborn's baby shower. A cry analyser machine?! Obviously I thought she was scammed because this doesn't work. How can a simple machine tell you why your baby is crying? Well think again! Scientists are using artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques to interpret baby's cries, with… Continue reading Knowing Why Your Baby Cries..

Self Driving Car? What about Self Driving Bicycle?

I would say that's arguably a more difficult task, given that a bicycle is inherently more unstable compared to a car. So apparently what turned out as an April fool's joke, was made into reality by China. People is indeed power. Looking at how Huawei came up with their own operating system when US gave… Continue reading Self Driving Car? What about Self Driving Bicycle?

Minority Report User Interface Becoming Reality?

Years ago, when I watched minority report, I wondered when we'll ever have user interfaces like how Tom Cruise did to manipulate the various screens. Well, seems like that's closer to reality now with Project Soli. Using a short range radar, it is actually sensitive enough to detect our finger movements and use that to… Continue reading Minority Report User Interface Becoming Reality?