The Waterless Toilet

Probably a boon to those societies without proper access to clean water, this waterless toilet would help address some sanitation issues. Screengrabs from this video. The polymer evaporates the water element from your poop, thus shrinking it. This polymer pack does need replenishing every 2 weeks, but hey, at least it's better than nothing! Now… Continue reading The Waterless Toilet


Boeing’s Huge Error?

After the recent crashes of 2 Boeing 737 max planes, it seemed like there was something fundamentally wrong with the plane. The investigations and causes behind it all are nicely summarised in this video by Vox. 1. Airbus upgraded their A320s with an improved engine that offers 15% better fuel efficiency. Minimal additional training required… Continue reading Boeing’s Huge Error?

First Real Pictures of A Black Hole!

For space enthusiasts, exciting stuff. Here's a black hole! All pictures are taken from this link If you look very closely, it's the black speck in the middle of all that orange glow. When super zoomed in, it looks like this: That "little" black hole is 40,000,000,000km across, or about 3 million times the size… Continue reading First Real Pictures of A Black Hole!