The Difficulty of Learning Together with AI

Consider how a junior surgeon would train under a senior surgeon in an operating theatre. The junior will get to do hands on for the easier parts of the procedure, and gets to observe the senior at work for the more intricate parts. The same cannot be said for a robotic surgeon, whose primary task… Continue reading The Difficulty of Learning Together with AI


Is My P@ssword Safe?

A recent leak has published more than 21 million unique passwords used around the world. But how does this leak affect you? Well first things first, if your password appears on this list of 21 million passwords, it is time to get it changed. Hackers typically embark on dictionary attacks, but don't get away with… Continue reading Is My P@ssword Safe?

What Does it Mean to Pay Attention?

Computational neuroscientist Mehdi Ordikhani-Seyedlar shared in this TED talk on how the brain works when we try to pay attention to something. 1. There are 2 types of attention: overt and covert. 2. Overt attention means to move your eyes towards the point of interest to pay attention to it. 3. Covert attention is to… Continue reading What Does it Mean to Pay Attention?

Giving People Hope in Life

Tilly Lockey was a meningitis survivor who had to have her hands amputated when she was just a baby. Prosthetics were available then but were really expensive. Check out her latest bionic hands from Open Bionics, a UK based start-up which makes these bionic parts for kids. Rather than despair, perhaps there's hope for amputees… Continue reading Giving People Hope in Life

How do Fighter Jet Pilots Pee During Their Mission?

During their missions, pilots invariably face the problem of needing to empty their bladders. Unlike passenger airplanes, there are no toilets in a fighter jet. So what happens then? Early methods include just holding the pee in until the mission is over and the plane is back on the ground, but it can be really… Continue reading How do Fighter Jet Pilots Pee During Their Mission?