Do You Engage in Mental Porn?

Does this sound familiar? You spend hours on the internet, but unlike other people who waste their time watching prank videos and reading the tabloids, you focus on self improvement. You read websites like this one learning more and more about the world, read the informative news articles and latest science journals, and watch a… Continue reading Do You Engage in Mental Porn?


You Think You Know Your British Vs American English?

Check out these images taken from highlighting the various differences between British and American English. Seems like I use a mish mash of English from both countries! Do you mix up any of these?

Studying with Music: Yay or Nay?

Looking at the hoards of students wearing headphones and taking up valuable space in Starbucks to cram their examination notes makes me wonder sometimes. Does listening to music really help the studying process? Image taken from Well first off, it is sort of proven that listening to Mozart does not magically make you or… Continue reading Studying with Music: Yay or Nay?

Why Self-Paced Learning is the Way to Go.

Imagine you are in a maths class studying algebra. After weeks of lessons, you sit for a test and perhaps you did relatively well and scored 75 marks. Some of your friends scraped past with 50 marks. Others have failed and need to go for remedial classes. The teacher then moves on to the next… Continue reading Why Self-Paced Learning is the Way to Go.

If You Are Always Comfortable, You Are Not Growing

There's this thing called a comfort zone, which many of us usually stick to. A comfort zone is a psychological state where you experience low stress and anxiety as you are dealing with things you are familiar with, thus allowing you to achieve steady performance. Is that good? Maybe. But is that good enough? Check… Continue reading If You Are Always Comfortable, You Are Not Growing