A Periodic Table that Makes More Sense

A big turn off for some people looks like this: Numbers and letters that totally don't make sense, with a feeble attempt at colours to try to attract our young ones to be interested. Now check this one out: The table really comes alive when you can relate it with the things we encounter every… Continue reading A Periodic Table that Makes More Sense


Please Don’t Be a Grammar Cop

Science has spoken. He who keep on correcting other people's grammar mistakes are jerks. Check out this article. In essence, they did an experiment where they had participants read email responses for an ad for a roommate. They were then asked questions about how they think they would find this email responder as a roommate,… Continue reading Please Don’t Be a Grammar Cop

How I Wish I Could Calculate Pi

If the opening title doesn't sound familiar, change them to numbers based on how many letters spell the word. You'll get 3.141592, the first digits of pi. Yesterday was Pi day, conveniently March 14th, or 3.14. This number appears in so many places that it's quite amazing. Unfortunately, some students still have the misconception that… Continue reading How I Wish I Could Calculate Pi