RIP Stephen Hawking

Featured a TED talk by him last year. Sad that he has passed on. RIP.


Learning Points from BBC Future’s Article Titled “Why Being a Loner May be Good for Your Health”

I quite like reading through the informative articles found on various BBC sites, such as in Future, Tech, etc. They contain nice little tidbits of interesting information. Here's another one pertaining to solitude, and how it may help you. 1. Social withdrawal is categorised into 3 types: A. Shyness caused by fear or anxiety…

Learning Points from YouTube Video Titled “Are We All Related?”

If we trace back our ancestry, what would we find? Somewhere down the line, all of us must be related somehow surely, whether you believe in Adam and Eve or not? Or how many distinct ancestors do you think all human beings came from? Unlike DNA which gets copied by cells inaccurately at times…


Learning Points from Adam Driver’s TED Talk on “My Journey from Marine to Actor”

Imagine Adam Driver being a marine fighting the war in the middle east! That could have been reality in an alternate universe if he had not dislocated his sternum in an accident and was deemed medically unfit to serve in middle east with his company. Here he shares on his journey, from marine to actor.…


Learning Points from Maz Jobrani’s TED Talk on “Did You Hear the One About the Iranian-American?”

Standup comedy performance by Maz Jobrani for those who want a light hearted video to take your mind off your heavy load. One point that he made which I felt was quite relevant was how we tend to stereotype the world, especially the parts of the world we know little about. If your image…