Learning Points from Levon Biss’s TED Talk on “Mind-Blowing, Magnified Portraits of Insects”

I wonder why this has never been done before: Magnified insect photography. Simple idea but yet wielding such amazing outcomes. Welcome to the world of insects!

Getting inspiration from his child, Levon Biss takes his photography skills to the next level with this series of photographs on insects magnified. Children are such a wonder. Sometimes, when you lack inspiration, the solution is simply to think like a child again. Words don’t do the TED talk justice, so I’ll leave you with the website link that shows you what this talk is about.



Learning Points from Johann Hari’s TED Talk on “Everything You Think You Know About Addiction is Wrong”

So, the classic example goes something like this: Once someone starts taking drugs, he gets hooked and has to keep taking drugs. So, avoid even starting on drugs at all costs. If you get addicted, the withdrawal process will be terrible. You will undergo cold turkey to starve yourself of the drug to get rid of the addiction. Does this sound like what we know? Johann Hari tells us everything described above is wrong!

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