Comical Post on the Inadequacies of Captain Steve Rogers

I assume most of us would have watched infinity wars.

*Spoilers ahead*

During the battle of wakanda, the average audience would have felt that black panther’s decision to open up their force shield to fight head on with the enemy was quite insane. But that’s not the only mistake. Check out the entire list in this link.

Extracted an excerpt here:
Captain Rogers and his host nation allies decided against this policy. Instead, when the gap was opened, they ordered their battalion to charge into melee combat. While capable close combatants, the Wakandan troops were desperately outnumbered. Breaking formation and fighting as individuals discarded their advantage in firepower and coordination. Moreover, it entirely surrendered any mobility they did have. Luckily for them, the Thanosians committed themselves entirely to the decisive battle. If they had flanked as originally planned, then the entire Avengers-Wakandan force would have been defeated very swiftly.

Funny but true!


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