Do Amber Beads Help Sooth Teething Pain?

If you have a baby, one of the nuisances the child faces is teething pains. As a desperate parent, you ask around for help and some parents inform you that amber beads might help.

So you Google amber beads and this pops out.

Looks legit so you buy 1 for your child. Nothing wrong right?

No! You just got duped. Google doesn’t really help you sift out what’s real and what’s not. You have to do more reading and assess the information yourself.

So the theory is that amber will release succinic acid which will help sooth the baby. Warmed by the baby’s body heat, these special Baltic amber beads will work wonders. I believe if they really do release succinic acid, perhaps there might be a grain of truth in there.

The problem is that these things don’t release succinic acid normally. Succinic acid has a melting point of over 180°C, so unless you have some weirdly hot baby, the amber beads are just useless.

In fact, they are potential choking and strangulation hazards, so do something else other than to buy amber beads. Use a cold gauze pressed against their gums or something.


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