How to Make Workers Happy?

Statistics show that 60% of a 3 billion strong workforce is unhappy. That is nearly 2 billion people unhappy with their work.

Happy workers are more productive and efficient, so it is important for businesses to keep their workers happy. So how?

Michael C. Bush shares in this TED talk titled “This is what makes employees happy at work”

1. In organisations where employees are happy, they always feel trusted and respected.

2. Employees want to be treated fairly as a prerequisite to being happy.

3. Practise listening actively and maintaining eye contact when talking with employees. They want to know they are being heard and appreciated.

4. The company should provide employees with a purpose. If there is nothing the employee believes in doing, it is unlikely the employee will stay for long.

Do share if you have others not listed here which you personally use, or would make you happy at work.


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