The Amazing Rat Rescue

We have all heard amazing stories of animal rescues, maybe for a farm animal, a dog or a cat. What about a rat? This unfortunate rat was stuck in one of the holes in a manhole in Germany. An animal rescuer was activated and when he couldn't do the job, 8 firefighters were drafted in… Continue reading The Amazing Rat Rescue


How to Maximise Learning?

I watched Mark Rober's TEDx talk on "The super mario effect - tricking your brain into learning more" recently. He shared a few points which I thought was worth learning, as follows: 1. If you don't frame the learning process with failure, you are much more likely to learn more. So what happened was he… Continue reading How to Maximise Learning?

The Oddity Called Water

Did you ever realise how weird water is?1. Solid water is less dense than liquid water.2. Hot water freezes faster than cold water.3. Water molecules can go against the force of gravity.4. Water did not naturally exist on earth.If water was just like any other compound, things would have been very different.If ice didn't float… Continue reading The Oddity Called Water

I Can Play the Piano with Only 4 Fingers

Meet Darrius Simmons. Born with a genetic condition that gave him only 3 fingers on his right hand and 1 on his left, you might think it is easy for him to give up on life for dealing him a bad hand (pun unintended). Except that he didn't, and he followed his passion of playing… Continue reading I Can Play the Piano with Only 4 Fingers

Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories

There is this group of people who believe that man never set foot on the moon, that the U.S. made the whole thing up so that it seemed like they managed to rival the then Soviet union in the space race. One of the "evidences" used for this theory are the pictures taken, say this… Continue reading Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories