You Think You Know Your British Vs American English?

Check out these images taken from highlighting the various differences between British and American English. Seems like I use a mish mash of English from both countries! Do you mix up any of these?


Is the Stock Market Crashing Soon?

I think so. But what I think is insignificant. Let's hear what Harry Dent, a well known financial newsletter writer, has to say. Backed up by a demographic study, he believes that we are due for another crash the size of the great depression more than 80 years ago. The reason is simple. Baby boomers… Continue reading Is the Stock Market Crashing Soon?

Studying with Music: Yay or Nay?

Looking at the hoards of students wearing headphones and taking up valuable space in Starbucks to cram their examination notes makes me wonder sometimes. Does listening to music really help the studying process? Image taken from Well first off, it is sort of proven that listening to Mozart does not magically make you or… Continue reading Studying with Music: Yay or Nay?

Would You Donate Your Poo for a Good Cause?

Hospitals are looking for individuals called super poo donors. These are people with poo teeming with lots of good bacteria for the gut. Now what makes a person a super poo donor is currently unknown, but when such poo is found, the faeces is transplanted to the sick person's bowel to help him get better.… Continue reading Would You Donate Your Poo for a Good Cause?

Are Bladeless Fans Really Bladeless?

Well a bladeless fan will look something like this: See, no blades? So how does it work? Well, the blades are actually hidden in the base of the fan by a normal fan blowing upwards. This air gets forced through the tiny ring shaped slit towards the person. But, since the fan below is so… Continue reading Are Bladeless Fans Really Bladeless?