The Evolution of Windmill Design

The first practical windmills rotated in a horizontal plane. Next came the ones which we normally picture when we think about windmills, which look like this: The next generation of windmills are called wind turbines, which are commonly seen in large numbers nowadays to provide an alternative source of electricity as opposed to oil or… Continue reading The Evolution of Windmill Design


Do Fish Pee?

Short answer is yes, but the amount of pee depends largely on whether they are saltwater or freshwater fish. As fish breathe through their gills, they are subject to osmosis all the time. For saltwater fish, they are always fighting to keep water within their bodies. So they have special cells to get rid of… Continue reading Do Fish Pee?

Is There 1 Boy Birth to Every Girl Birth?

You might think this is a trick question. Isn't it a straightforward 50% chance that a baby turns out to be either sex? Surprisingly, it is not! There are about 105 boy births compared to 100 girl births every year, as shared by this BBC Health article. This is seemingly the work of evolution, as… Continue reading Is There 1 Boy Birth to Every Girl Birth?

Salute to Colin O’Brady

Colin O'Brady just became the first man to cross Antarctica solo and unassisted on 26 Dec 2018. This involves carrying all the food and supplies he might need in his 2 month journey, which is more than 170kg of gear. He also needs to boil snow or ice for drinking water throughout his journey. This… Continue reading Salute to Colin O’Brady

Learning Points from Mariana Atencio’s TEDx Talk on “What Makes You Special?”

It has been a while since I rummaged through the most watched TED talks list, and found this talk in the first few pages. As I have already covered most of the rest, I gave this one a go too, and yes, this one shows why it's climbing rapidly up the ranks. 1. When… Continue reading Learning Points from Mariana Atencio’s TEDx Talk on “What Makes You Special?”