What Makes a Good Leader?

Simon Sinek has lots to say about this topic. A summary of the key points from one of his numerous talks as follows: 1. The leader sets the vision, and the employees join the company because they believe in the vision. The clearer the vision, the better. 2. Employees join a company because the leader… Continue reading What Makes a Good Leader?


Folding Paper In Half: How Many Times Until We Reach the Moon?

An interesting concept that tries to illustrate the theory of exponential growth. Suppose you start with an enormous piece of paper as thin as a bible page. How many times can you fold it in half before it finally reaches the moon? (Image extracted from TED-Ed talk) At first, you might be thinking: that's impossible!… Continue reading Folding Paper In Half: How Many Times Until We Reach the Moon?

What Can We Do About Google Influencing What We Read?

My friend related this experience to me previously, where he was helping another friend (not me) look for a spa outlet nearby, and soon after, his Facebook feeds were populated with all sorts of spa advertising. As some spas have the negative image of providing other "extra" services, he was not happy that these appeared.… Continue reading What Can We Do About Google Influencing What We Read?

How to Disagree Productively

Julia Dhar shared in her TED talk titled "How to disagree productively and find common ground." several points on how we can do that. Summarised as follows: 1. Find a shared space or common ground. This needs to be established so that both sides can start off at the same point. From there, we can… Continue reading How to Disagree Productively

The Importance of Daily Little Things

When was the exact day you fell in love with your partner? You don't measure love by just a single action or activity. It is the consistent application of lots and lots of different actions which eventually add up to the feeling called love. Many, many different actions, such as calling her to find out… Continue reading The Importance of Daily Little Things