How to Overcome Your Fears

I know many people who fear death. Not so much because they themselves are fearful, but because of who or what they leave behind. Just ask any parent who has young children. For others, they fear death itself. Life coming to an end. That means no more new experiences, no nothing. Zilch. So imagine people… Continue reading How to Overcome Your Fears


How to Get Stronger Plants, but Faster and Cheaper

This is literally having your cake and eating it. There is a way to reduce pesticide use, fertiliser use, thus lower costs, but yet end up with stronger plants. Unbelievable? Check out this article. So the theory is that you grow your vegetables within some sort of an electrical field. What the field does is… Continue reading How to Get Stronger Plants, but Faster and Cheaper

What We Can Learn About Decision Making from Poker Experts

Liv Boeree, the 2010 European Poker Tour champion, shares 3 points we can learn about decision making in this TED talk. 1. Luck: Sometimes when good things happen to us, it is worthwhile to take a step back and examine how much of it is due to luck and how much is because of what… Continue reading What We Can Learn About Decision Making from Poker Experts

When Green Tea Does More Harm than Good..

Looking at the Japanese's longevity and their dietary habits, one cannot help but link the regular consumption of green tea to that. If you don't like the taste of it, you should be able to make do with green tea supplements right? Extract out all the antioxidants and goodness, fashion it into a pill, and… Continue reading When Green Tea Does More Harm than Good..