Amazing Speed Painting Artists

Take a look at this picture: Or this one: Ok so I'm a sucker for beautiful scenery pictures or paintings. The amazing thing about them is that they are speed finger painted by a street artist in less than 2 minutes! It'll take me probably more than a lifetime to master such intricate paintings, let… Continue reading Amazing Speed Painting Artists


The Disgusting Next Superfood

Get ready for your tummy to churn. The next superfood coming to us has quite a disgusting origin. Cockroach juice. Yes you read that right. The rubbish eating and loving insect supposedly boasts of numerous benefits, including positive effects on stomach pain, and other ailments. There's a super farm in China that breeds these insects… Continue reading The Disgusting Next Superfood

How were the Classical Symphonies Named?

You might be aware of some of the most famous symphonies out there in the world today, such as Beethoven's iconic symphony no. 5 or Mozart's symphony no. 40. But these names do sound quite arbitrary right? How do they actually choose these names for these pieces of music they compose? Image credit: London Symphony… Continue reading How were the Classical Symphonies Named?

The Knight on a Chessboard Problem

There are numerous knight on the chessboard puzzles which I have previously tried out, such as the knight's tour, where you need to visit every square on the chessboard exactly once with a knight, or how to guard all 64 squares of the chessboard using the fewest number of knights. I came across this really… Continue reading The Knight on a Chessboard Problem

Growing Vegetables in the Desert

Yes you read that right and no, it's not just cactus. Photo credit: Amanda Ruggeri The country of Jordan is exploring how they can pipe seawater from the red sea to their inland desert. Along the journey, they will harvest the heat from the sun to filtrate the salt from the water, and use that… Continue reading Growing Vegetables in the Desert