Learning Points from Suki Kim’s TED Talk on “This is What It’s Like to Go Undercover in North Korea”

If you have not heard much about what life is like in North Korea, do spend some time here. Suki Kim, a writer, worked undercover at a university there and shared on what the reality is like for the innocent people there.

To the majority of the inhabitants in North Korea, everything is about their dear great leader. Everything you learn in school is about him, slogans peppering the countryside were about him, probably ad nauseum. They know nothing of the world outside their country, so they have never heard of Facebook, Amazon, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, pretty much anything. Given all that, they must have some quite brilliant minds to be able to achieve some form of nuclear capability by themselves. But the sad thing is the life they are living is a total lie, and to expose them to the truth potentially brings them harm. Literally, big brother is watching them there. Their lives are just like being in prison, probably worse, in that they are watched so closely, so no one speaks ill of the great leader, no one talks about doing anything against him, and all the free time they have is spend honoring their great leader. I guess in that regard, if ignorance is bliss, it’s folly to be wise.


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