Learning Points from Shaolan Hsueh’s TED Talk on “Learn to Read Chinese…With Ease!”

If you were ever interested in learning Chinese and Chinese culture, but is turned off by their seemingly incomprehensible language, fear not! Shaolan Hsueh is here to help with Chineasy, a seemingly easy way to learn many Chinese characters.

So the premise is that the basic Chinese characters are actually simplified illustrations of everyday objects, such as man, sun, tree, etc. In truth, some of the depictions were a little bit of a stretch, such as the sun and the moon. Additionally, in order to understand some of the word combinations, you may need to understand a little bit of Chinese history, as evidenced by her example of exile (formed by combining 2 mountain characters) and mouth to mean exit. Nevertheless, a really innovative way to learn the Chinese language, or at read to understand what is written, without grappling with the intricacies of the different tones involved when speaking it. There are a whole series of flashcards and whatnots if you are interested to learn more at their website.



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