Learning Points from Jamila Lyiscott’s TED Talk on “3 Ways to Speak English”

Spoken word essay delivered by Jamila Lyiscott on broken English and how we tend to judge people unfairly because of it.

She speaks a different brand of English at home, in the classroom, and to her friends. Why does it have to be this way? If it can be understood, why is there a need to conform to a certain “right” way of speaking? Is there a need to look at someone speaking broken English with disdain, as if they are less educated and unworthy of being in the world, the same place as you are. The sharing is short, but honest. She views it as a linguistic celebration rather than a promotion of ignorance. I’m making a mental note not to judge people by the way they speak. It could have been inherent in their upbringing, their culture, so who am I to determine what is right?


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