A really interesting one from Adam Grant, who profiled original thinkers and what traits they have. Not something I expected.

1. Original thinkers are late to the party. They are quick to start, but slow to finish. Procrastination gives them time for there their creative ideas to flow

2. Original thinkers feel doubt and fear. They doubt their ideas, not themselves. They believe it is more important to try than to not try at all.

3. Original thinkers have lots of bad ideas. It is through the sheer volume of ideas that they eventually stumble on the good ones they have.

I think the most important takeaway I have is to give my ideas a try. I will never know how they turn out until I give them a shot. Also, first mover advantage seems to be overrated. It is better to improvise on those existing ideas rather than be a first mover. Just check out Facebook which came after friendster and MySpace, or Google which came after AltaVista and Yahoo.


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