I confess, I watched this talk because I thought it resonated with what I was doing here. The delivery is a performance by itself. I wonder why this TED talk doesn’t get more views though.

It is more an inspirational sharing rather than a learning one for me, but from the life experiences of Mr Sandor Teszler, to emulate him, we all too should embrace lifelong learning. What was particularly striking for me was how Mr Teszler attended all the courses in the catalog available in Wofford College, and how wise he was comparatively with all others. I was wondering if this was akin to me watching all the TED talks available online. Tall order! I doubt I’ll ever get there at the rate I’m going, given I do only one a day, and they come up with new content every weekday.

Still, I implore you, please do learn something every day. It enriches your life when you know more, otherwise you will be somewhat in stasis, and can only relive old experiences. Through these few months of watching TED talks, I felt that I have learnt so much more from people all around the world, of things people and the world is capable of, and how people are thinking. TED talks are but a channel. There are probably many other such websites, but TED talks are a good jumping off point. 🙂


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