No frills here. 10 time saving tech tips as follows:

1. Spacebar to scroll down one page when browsing websites

2. When filling up forms, instead of opening the pop up menu, repeatedly press the letter of the country/state you are in until your country/state appears

3. “Control + or -” to increase/decrease font size in webpages

4. When typing in your phone, press space twice to put the full stop and capitalise your next letter.

5. When you want to call someone you just missed a call from, just tap the call sign on your phone and it will automatically fill in the last number into the box for you.

6. You can skip the answering machine’s message by pressing a key, but this key varies from carrier to carrier

7. You can use Google as a dictionary by typing “define” then the word you want to check. You can also check your flight details and do unit conversions with Google.

8. Double click on a word to highlight it. Double click and drag to highlight in one word increments as you drag. Type over it to replace the highlights instead of pressing delete.

9. To eliminate camera shutter lag, do a half press and hold it there, then fully press to take a picture without the lag.

10. For presentations, press “b” to black out the screen or press “w” to white it out so that the audience will know to look at the presenter instead of the screen.

I was surprised to see many which I didn’t know about. Useful little life hacks to help in our everyday lives.


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