The power of yet vs the tyranny of now. Carol Dweck shares the idea of the growth mindset with us.

1. Understanding that you have abilities to be developed is adopting a growth mindset. This is opposed to a fixed mindset where you run away from problems instead of taking them head on.

2. To promote a growth mindset in our children, do not praise intelligence or talent. Praise the process that they engage in, their effort, their focus, their strategies, their perseverance, their improvement.

3. Every time we push kids out of their comfort zone to learn something new and difficult, their neurons in their brains can form new and stronger connections and over time, make them smarter.

This echoes Angela Duckworth’s talk on Grit, and serves as further reinforcement that we should praise effort rather than intelligence. Nowadays I’m making an effort to do just that for my children. In time to come, hopefully they will develop this same type of mindset to succeed in life and not give up too easily.


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